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Configuration software for cisco 870

configuration software for cisco 870

This software configuration guide provides instructions for using the Cisco command-line interface (CLI) to configure features of the following Cisco Cisco Series and Cisco Series Access Routers Software Configuration Guide. OL Sample Configuration. This chapter collects the results. Cisco Series and Cisco Series Access Routers Software Configuration Guide. Is Cisco documentation helpful? Click here to give us your feedback. EPIPHONE THUNDERBIRD USED

Wireless LAN no label. Chapter 1 Basic Router Con figuration. Viewing the Defa ult Configuration. When you first bo ot up your Cisco router, some ba sic configu ration has already been performed. All of. Use the show running-config command. Example Cisco Default Configu ration on Startup. Router show running-config. Viewing the Default Configuration. Information Needed for Configuration. You need to gather some or al l of the following i nformation, depending on yo ur planned network.

Authentication Proto col PAP. Generate the addressing scheme for your IP network. It can be one of the. For routed RFC ,. For bridged RFC , you may. SHDSL l ine:. Order the appropriate l ine from your public telephon e service provider. For G. Once you have collected the appro priate information, you can p erform a full confi guration on.

Configuring Basic Parameters. To configure the router, perform one or more of these tasks:. A configurat ion example is presented with each task to show the network config uration following. Perform these steps to configure selected global parameters for your router:. Router configure terminal. Enters global confi guration mode, when us ing the. If you are connecting to the rou ter using a remote. Router config hostname Router. Router config enable secret cr1ny5ho.

Specifies an encrypte d password to prev ent. Router config no ip domain-lookup. Disables the router from transl ating unfamiliar. VLAN and as such, they a re not co nfigured with individual addr esses. Access is afforded through the. You may assign the interfaces to other VLANs if desired. For more infor mation about creating. Based on the router model you have, con figure the WAN interface s using one of the following.

This procedure a pplies only t o the Cisco an d Cisco router models. Perform these steps to. Router config interface fastethernet 4. Enters the configuration m ode for a Fast. Router config-int ip address Sets the IP address an d subnet mask for the. Router config-int no shutdown. Enables the Ethernet in terfac e, changing i ts. Router config-int exit. Exits configuration mode fo r the Fast Ethernet.

This procedure a pplies only to t he Cisco , Cisco , Cisco an d Cisco mo dels. Perform these steps to configure the ATM in terface, beginning in global config uration mode:. The wireless interface enab les connection to the router through a wireless LAN co nnection.

For more. Router config controller dsl 0. Router config-controller mode atm. Router config-controller exit. For routers using the G. SHDSL signali ng, perform. Ignore this step for routers using. Router config interface atm0. Identifies and enters the configuration mode for an. Router config-int ip addre ss Enables the ATM 0 int erface.

Exits configuration mode for the ATM interface. The loopback interface acts as a placeholder for th e static IP address and provides default rou ting. Perform these steps to conf igure a loopback interface:. The loopback interface in th is sa mple configuration is used to support Netwo rk Address Translation.

NAT on the virtual-template in terface. This c onfiguration example sh ows the loopback int erface. IP address. The loopback interface points back to virtual-template1, which ha s a negotiated IP address. Router config interface Loopback 0. Enters configuration mode for the loopback. Exits configurat ion mode for the loopback. To verify that you have pr operly config ured the loopback in terface, enter the show interface loopback. See the " Organization " section of this preface to help you decide which chapters contain the information you need to configure your router.

Also explains how to recover a lost software password. This guide uses the conventions described in the following sections for instructions and information. Notes, cautions and time-saving tips use the following conventions and symbols:. Note Means reader take note. Notes contain helpful suggestions or references to materials not contained in this guide. Timesaver This symbol means the described action saves time.

Table 1 describes the command syntax used in this guide. Optional keywords and default responses to system prompts appear within square brackets. A choice of keywords represented by x appears in braces separated by vertical bars. You must select one.

Represents the key labeled Control. For information on obtaining documentation, submitting a service request, and gathering additional information, see the monthly What's New in Cisco Product Documentation , which also lists all new and revised Cisco technical documentation, at:.

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