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fortinet fortigate device driver › details › FortiExplorerSetup. Download the latest drivers for your Fortinet Port Devices to keep your Computer up-to-date. FORTIGATEUSBDEVICECLASS - Fortinet Inc. - Fortinet FortiGate device Drivers Download - Update your computer's drivers using DriverMax, the free driver. SPLASHTOP FIREWALL CONFIGURATION

Hardware Wizard installs the hardware. The FortiExplorer wizard opens. If it is not installed properly, click Re-install Driver. Previous Page. Next Page. Show quick links. Hide quick links: Permanently Temporary Cancel. Fortinet fortigate fortigate install guide 56 pages. Fortinet FortiGateE Series. Fortinet FortiManagerC. Fortinet FortiMail Fortinet FortiGate Series.

Fortinet FortiGateE. Fortinet FortiGate 1U. Fortinet FortiDB D. Fortinet FortiGate C. Fortinet FortiGate Fortinet FortiGate A. Print page 6 Print document 16 pages. Rename the bookmark. Delete bookmark? Press the Enter key to use the displayed default address. Step 5 The CLI displays the following:. Enter firmware image file name [image. The CLI displays the following:. MAC: f:b Connect to tftp server A series of 's is a good sign that the file is transferring. After the image file is finished transferring the CLI displays the following:.

Image Received. Checking image You will need to choose one of the following:. Firmware that is loaded by default when the system is booted. A backup copy of firmware to be used in case there are issues with the default firmware. Unit will use this firmware once but revert to default after the first reboot after using the installed firmware. To make the new firmware image the one used after every reboot, choose D. Once you have chosen, the CLI displays the following:.

Programming the boot device now. The FortiGate unit will then boot with the freshly installed firmware. FortiExplorer The FortiExplorer software is available from two locations:. These are the files that download from the Product site. These files, once installed, will connect to a Fortinet server and download the latest version of the software. The TFTP example described, will work with the 2. It has been tested successfully with version 2. When working with FortiExplorer, there may be some points where the CLI window will disappear from the interface, such as during a reboot.

When the CLI is available again the widget will either reappear on its own or the menu options to start the CLI will appear. Resetting the Admin Password Normally, when you use a console session to reset the admin password, there is a point where the CLI session displays the message:.

Initializing firewall…. System is started. As soon as the system starts, you have approximately 15 seconds to enter the maintainer account credentials. It has been tested with version 2. When using FortiExplorer, as soon as the unit starts reading the boot image file and initializing the firewall the terminal window disappears. When it is available again, approximately one minute later, the CLI displays the message:.

Apparently, the 15 second window to enter the credentials runs out before the access to the CLI returns. I tried several times to enter the credentials, but the resulting message was always:. Login incorrect. The configuration will be lost so this could be considered extra motivation to create and store frequent backups of the configuration.

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fortinet fortigate device driver

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