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When some, not all, users try to launch Outlook it hangs on Loading Profile. I use FSLogix to manage profiles and have MFA in place. This setup. Learn how to Improve VDI User Experience by Syncing FSLogix (VMWare, Citrix) Profile Containers to solve session start up latency. So, we had our initial look at FSLogix from a Java remediation standpoint, and it seemed to. CITRIX XENAPP 6.5 ADMINISTRATION GUIDE PDF Fslogix citrix buy citrix mouse


Ideal for environments where the profiles begin to grow and pose a problem. Through a series of pointers get the logon process is immediately, users work directly on the vDisk and thus avoid problems with heavy profiles, because it is indifferent to have a profile of 50MB to 30GB. Click on "Install" to begin installation. You will need to reboot to use FSLogix. Click on "Restart". At the least configure We will enable "Enabled" to allow functional FSLogix.

And "Size in MBs" specify the maximum size of the disk you created. By default 30GB. Configure VHDX here. If you change this setting afterwards existing containers will not be touched and therefore recreated. With the following script this can be renamed in advance and the containers can be moved. The Office Container is a subtype of the Profile Container. Although all the advantages of the Office Container are also available in the Profile Container, it can sometimes be advantageous to combine them.

Depending on the type of use, it is recommended to plan between 2 and 5 GB per user. The originally defined 30 GB should remain defined because this is only the maximum size of the container and not the directly used size on the disk if Dynamic VHD X allocation is enabled. Changing this setting only has an effect on newly created containers. VHDX should be configured here. When logging in, the system tries to attach the VHD X file directly. No Difference Disks are used This is a 1 to 1 connection.

If simultaneous access is attempted, it fails with a share violation error Please note the following limitations when configuring multiple accesses to a container not for Direct Access or Unique Disk per Session :. With this method, no parent disk is created and each container is initially created empty.

The data from the Session Containers is also not merged centrally and can therefore be different, but that is why this mode is also supported with OneDrive and for OST files. VHD X , where sessionnumber is an integer from 0 — 9. The maximum number of VHD X files per session is Existing Difference Disk containers can be migrated to Unique Disk per session, so that the content does not have to be completely downloaded from the cloud again.

With the following script you can create one or more session containers the existing container can be deleted or will not be touched. Script for migration. Do not copy these new Unique Disk per Session containers into the same folder as the existing Difference Disk containers.

If both methods access the same path, the method that is used first will win. The other method can no longer use a container. If there are no more Difference Disk Containers in the directory, and a computer tries to use this method, the Unique Disk per Session Container, if not already in use, will be used for this.

The session container is taken as parent disk for the newly created difference disk. This setting is used when the VHD access type is set to Unique disk per session. This controls the number of session VHDs that are persistent. Multi-user search extracts the user part of the search index and saves it in the Office Container. Single-user search saves the entire search database in the Office Container of the user.

If this feature is enabled and the Office Container is successfully attached, the Outlook setting that enables cache mode is temporarily set for the current session until the container is removed. If this is enabled, the activation data of the Office license is stored in the Office Container.

Before version , only one business account was supported. You should exclude the following paths in your existing profile solution so that Office Container work smoothly. The log files are stored under the following path in the target system. The GPO can be used to define which logs are created. Hidden behind the frxtray.

In the Basic View it only shows the usage of a profile container. The screenshots are from an environment with Office Container only, hence the yellow traffic light and no display of memory usage. This display can be further extended by clicking on Advanced View. Under Logs the above mentioned log files are read out. Behind the ConfigurationTool. This tool was used in the past to configure Profile Containers. I personally only use it nowadays to create redirection. For this you have to load an existing container and then you can create the entries.

In the registry you can check which settings are currently being used. These can be found under the following registry path. Registry Reference. Here a script Thx to Jim Moyle to shrink existing containers, for example after deleting some of the content. Shrink Script. And a script Thx to Kasper Johansen to enlarge the containers if they were too small at the beginning. Expand Script. More information and solutions can be found in the following article by James Rankin.

Your above statement about not setting the search service is on conflict with Microsofts recomendation on their fslogix forum. Typically this is Automatic — Delayed. James Kindon has written a very good article about this:.

In summary, you need to perform a scheduled restart of the Search Service on the specific Event ID trigger. We are also starting to move over to O with teams and onedrive. One problem we have is that it does not seem to create a differencing disk when a user logs on, just the vhdx file. Issue now comes in that any other session started fails because the vhdx file is in use. I do not see what I have not configured differently from what you also describe above.

It does sound like fslogix automatically should create the diff disk, but not currently for myself. Can u send me some screenshots of your gpo settings? Do u test the settings on the machine with rsop. Can i use the same FSLogix profile containers profile and or office for multiple operating systems?

For example a user logging on to Server and using the same FSLogix profile containers? Or even Server , and Windows All sharing the same profile container. But you should not use one and the same profile container for and at the same time. Too many files are changed for this. This will only lead to problems. Since has no FoD, this will go haywire when switching back and forth. Between and this should work again. So i can conclude that in a one way upgrade path it is safe to follow.

But one should not mix a user profile disk to switch back and forth between different operating systems. Only the Office container supports switching back and forth between and for example. Your email address will not be published.

Notify me of new posts by email. Skip to content. Table of Contents. Like this: Like Loading Good Day We are also starting to move over to O with teams and onedrive. Hello Manuel, thank you for the great article! Hi Peter, yes you can use this to upgrade to a newer operating system.

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Windows 11 Citrix Provisioning Services UPM vs FSLogix fslogix citrix


Follow, to receive updates on this topic. Sign in to follow this Followers 4. Stephen D. Holder Holder Aficionado Members posts. Posted February 3. Users are unable to connect to a VDI until an admin goes in and generally follows these steps - Obtain user ID Search that user ID on the FSLogix shares Once found, manually log that user off the server There is some talk about remotely logging a user off with PowerShell or another script, but the root cause is still outstanding and needs to be addressed as this is taking away many cycles from the team.

I would like to know, a has anyone came across this sort of thing before? Share this post Link to post. Recommended Posts. Mark this reply as best answer, if it answered your question. Upvote if you found this answer helpful or interesting. Hi, which version of the VDA are you using? Posted February 4. We are on VDA and have already started to downgrade it to Joe Robinson Joe Robinson Master Members 1, posts.

Simon Magee 0. Simon Magee 0 Members 2 posts. Posted February Click on "Restart". At the least configure We will enable "Enabled" to allow functional FSLogix. And "Size in MBs" specify the maximum size of the disk you created. By default 30GB. On machines where we have installed FSLogix we have created some local groups. If we go the route of the profiles, We see how we have created a folder per user, with all its profile in a VHD file or VHDX to mount and dismount the log in the log.

Of course we can mount the disk manually as administrators to perform any cleanup for example. As can be a common question, What about the old profiles UPM?

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Enabling multi-server, multi-session concurrency with FSLogix Profile Containers using Citrix UPM

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