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Thunderbird stopped receiving emails

thunderbird stopped receiving emails

3. Unable to Receive Messages · In Thunderbird, select Tools and then go to Account Settings. · Select Server Settings from the list that appears. Thunderbird suddenly has decided not to receive emails. Home» Forums» AskWoody support» Questions: Browsers and desktop software» Questions. I found on the internet that this was a problem with TLS encryption. If I understood correctly, Thunderbird requires encryption according to. WINSCP FOR MAC FREE

We will never ask you to call or text a phone number or share personal information. This thread was archived. Please ask a new question if you need help. I've been using Thunderbird for over 10 years and suddenly yesterday after an update to It also started to raise an error when I send an email "Your message was sent but a copy was not placed in your sent folder Sent Mail due to a network or file access errors.

When I select "Get all new messages", there is no response, no status message at the bottom of the window and no errors or other response. I have the same problem. I also run ESET. My provider is Cox. I checked with Cox and all my settings are correct. I am only having this problem on my main desktop. I can receive Cox mails on my phone and iPad without issue. Sending emails is ok on this device, just can't receive. Still no joy.

Not aware of any updates recently. On the bottom left of the screen the Thunderbird status line is hung on "Connected to pop. Usually it tells me it's either downloading or there are no messages to download. I shall sincerely appreciate any help to this problem. Thank you. I have had this same problem also. If your email provider doesn't support it, it will cause an issue connecting with the email client. The modern and popular email clients like Gmail support this, however, the less popular email clients don't support this.

If this is the case, then what could be done at the max is updating the email provider with their important security updates. The temporary fix for this issue is to disable this option using the add-on 'Disable DHE'. But we don't recommend this as it risks the data from hackers. If you have installed anti-virus on your device, then check if it is intervening with your email client.

Some anti-virus programs instigate with the system and stop certain applications temporarily. If this is the case, then you can fix it by stopping the anti-virus. Uninstall or stop your anti-virus and check if you have started receiving emails. If you are willing to send and receive emails enabling anti-virus then add Thunderbird to the safe application. This way, your anti-virus will not consider Thunderbird a virus. The filter setting of the Thunderbird application could also be the cause of this issue.

If any of the above methods didn't resolve the issue, then check the filter setting. If you are receiving a few emails but not all then probably you might have put a filter on a few emails. Check the filtering option in the email provider as well as Thunderbird and remove it if it is there. Mails of email client get stored on the mail server.

It is important to keep ample space on the server to receive new mails. For large service providers, it is not an issue, however, the corporate users have a limited server size. When space in the server gets filled, receiving new mails gets disrupted. If this is the issue then delete some mails, remove attachments or export them to some other place. Conclusion: After working on all the above-mentioned methods, you would be able to resolve the Thunderbird mailbox not receiving mails issue.

If the problem still prevails, then remove the Thunderbird application completely and reinstall and recreate the whole database. Email support softaken. Softaken Blog Thunderbird not Receiving Emails. Find Here Some Troubleshooting Advice. In this article, we are going to discuss Thunderbird email not receiving problem.

The path for the same is Open Thunderbird account Open the option Tool, then click on option 'Preferences'. After that click on option Edit preference, then go to option 'Security'. Then go to option Password, then click on option Saved Password. Click on the account and then Remove. Now open Thunderbird. The application will ask you to enter a password automatically. Enter the New Password and then press the enter button to establish a connection with the server.

Anti-Viruses If you have installed anti-virus on your device, then check if it is intervening with your email client. Filter Settings The filter setting of the Thunderbird application could also be the cause of this issue. Server Space Limit Mails of email client get stored on the mail server.

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