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Splashtop some applications not showing

splashtop some applications not showing

In order to troubleshoot why it isn't working please follow these steps: Please minimize/close ALL non-Splashtop related applications and. With the new technology to blank the remote screen, there is not a driver Some display auto-adaptation software might turn the remote. (retail $ USD) Check out other Splashtop Apps On Sales as well! The developer does not collect any data from this app. WINSCP RUNTIME ERROR COULD NOT CALL PROC

Just reboot the primary machine in safemode then uninstall the spacedesk driver. To boot in safemode, press and hold f8 key upon computer reboot and before the windows logo appeared. Then in advanced boot option screen use the arrow keys to select the safe mode option then press Enter key. While Nvidia ShadowPlay screen record is active, spacedesk will give an error code on the viewer side.

Just disable it in order to use spacedesk. Night Light — Windows Night Light settings is currently not supported on spacedesk displays. If Primary Machine and Secondary Machine are in different network segments, then they cannot discover each other. However, they may still be able to connect. To get the IP address of the Primary machine please check the above chapter Establishing the network connection. In case the above steps did not help, then a third party firewall software other than Windows Firewall could still prevent detection.

The only solution for this is re-configuring the router. If all above connection attempts failed. This shows that the primary machine can be reached over the network but connection fails after the indicated connection time. Possible reasons are the following:. If there is a third-party firewall software or anti virus eg Avast, AVG, etc.

Please ensure that the Windows Firewall settings is correct. For details please check chapter Setup Primary Machine — Verify if setup was successful. There are various workaround that can fix this problem without completely disabling the VPN connection. Check if spacedeskService is operating. For Windows 10 version — later primary machine, open Device manager and check below Display Adapters if spacedesk Graphics Adapter is installed correctly and enabled.

This error message indicates that another WDDM filter hook display driver is present on the system. Display hook drivers are not standard Windows drivers. All products relying on such drivers are incompatible with each other. They cannot coexist on the same system. This includes spacedesk. Various products using the OSBase driver do not properly remove it upon uninstall e. After uninstalling their product, the leftovers of the OSBase driver still need to be removed manually following the instructions below:.

Installation repair can be done by running the same msi installer version then select Repair button. This procedure only applies for Windows 10 primary machine only. For Windows 10, if duplicate option is not available in Display settings try to update the graphics adapter by Windows Update or manual download of driver from official website.

Please refer to Known issues chapter below for Mirror mode not supported. Then compare the version on the viewer to the current version on the spacedesk website. If the secondary machine is a smartphone or tablet device the browser and OS needs to be most recent versions supporting websockets.

This error code and info indicates that the viewer cannot find the Windows server on the network. For more details, kindly refer to the Troubleshooting Network connection — Connection Error chapter above. This error indicates that the primary machine can be reached over the network but connection fails after the indicated connection time. Check the Connection Error chapter discussed above. These error message box also shows the connected time, it indicates how long the viewer is connected before it disconnects.

And in case procedures did not help, just report this error code sequence to spacedesk support. This is due to the black screen problem observed when switching to higher resolution. One of the possible reason is that Windows client machine only has a DirectX 9 graphics driver. It is recommended to upgrade to DirectX 10 — above graphics driver to achieve better performance.

As of now, spacedesk supports simultaneous connection of up to sixteen additional displays. Mac OS X and Linux. Please use other web browsers recommended in system requirements chapter. The network router is the heaviest performance restraint. Cirumventing routers substantially improves performance. This can be done in various ways: — On wired networks, just use crossover cables. Connection to this Access Point needs to be established before connecting spacedesk.

If the secondary machine is a smartphone or tablet that supports USB tethering, use the USB cable to establish a network connection between primary and secondary machine. USB tethering typically supported on devices with Cellular Network. The faster the network, the faster the display performance. Cable networks tend to have better performance than wireless networks. The fastest option is always a direct connection via network cable, e.

Substantial improvements including support of slower networks are planned for the first release version. There is no native ADB cable support by spacedesk. However, advanced users can still use ADB port forwarding. This requires Android SDK platform tools downloaded on the primary machine. On Windows, open command prompt on the primary machine then change the directory to your android SDK platform tools folder. The lower the resolution of the networked display screen, the faster the display performance.

This mechanism reduces image size before transferring images over the network. The spacedesk image compression algorithm is lossy. It reduces quality and color depth of the image. On fast networks, color depth and image quality can be kept very high while still achieving good performance. On slow networks, color depth and image quality need to be reduced to achieve good performance. To choose On means that the user allows to reduce color depth by Chroma Downsampling and adjusts the compression quality to find the ideal image quality and performance speed.

YUV — No reduction of color information. High quality of screen image but, performance intensive. Can only be used on very fast networks. The color loss caused by the above mechanism typically not very much noticeable for the human eye, especially when there is a lot of motion on the screen e.

Thus YUV: is the default setting which can apply to many user Applications. The Image Quality can be varied between no compression and 0 maximum possible compression. The default value is 70 which still tends to show a clear enough and detailed enough image for many user applications.

The framerate option allows user to choose the FPS framerate per second on the viewer screen. An alternative way to uninstall spacedesk is using the spacedesk msi installer file. Run the spacedesk setup installer. After the uninstallation has completed, reboot the computer before proceeding with any other task. Manually deleting spacedesk program files located in chosen directory folder e. The steps in this chapter should only be done in exceptional cases if needed and if previously discussed with spacedesk support.

The regular way to uninstall spacedesk is using Windows Control Panel or the spacedesk msi installer file as described above. Run a Command Prompt cmd. This only applies on spacedesk driver version 0. Before uninstalling the spacedesk virtual HID Device, the children below should be uninstall first. Another way to uninstall is by using the msi installer. Note: If these troubleshooting procedures does not solve your problem please contact our spacedesk support, just click here.

Each one of the two machines is running its own kind of spacedesk software: 1. It needs setup and installation as shown below. Viewer Device Secondary Machine Below a few configuration settings to adjust spacedesk operation to individual needs.

Work on projects as needed. Log out of computer when finished. Failing to log out of computer could result in loss of work. Close Splashtop Business screen sharing window once logged out. This will disable the computers, and they will be inaccessible until they are physically turned on. When you are finished working, log out of your account.

Change your password to gain access to Windows computers. You may change your password to your original password once you change it. Navigate to password. Fill out appropriate fields, then submit. Remember your new password. Return to password. Computers beginning with are film computers Computers beginning with are animation computers. Select to System Preferences. Select Display. Select Scaled from the Resolution options.

Choose desired resolution. Windows Right-click on the desktop, go to Display Settings. Select desired resolution from Resolution dropdown. How can I reduce lag while I am working? Reduce quality on slow network In Splashtop, go to the Preferences. Use the windows computers. Use a different network.

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Because you came on a forum with extremely limited to none knowledge on the software in question after originally not getting the answer you were looking for and getting nowhere with the one and only set of people that could actually help you. If the problem were to persist and you needed something to help you i said "can't you use VNC? So don't be like that when others are trying to give you a sounding board on a forum that, by anyones logic would be less use than the support department of the software you had an issue with.

Sound like it is working. Our team's plan is to add the fix in upcoming release of new streamer agent targeting in two weeks Thanks again for helping to uncover the corner case win7 issue with terminal switching. I hope that it will be a "moo point" by then anyway. They are back to work, and the new computers should be going in soon. LOTS of people here use Splashtop. Shame on me for thinking that an actual Splashtop user could test what I asked!

I got multiple incorrect answers from them , so I came here seeking better answers, only to be greeted with something that is blatantly obvious use an alternative , BUT does not address the issue at hand. Your "Cant you just use VNC or something similar? Had I asked "Can someone give me a good alternative while I work out a problem with Splashtop? However, all it did was detract from the point.

Did you seriously think I was unaware that other remote support tools exist? That would be the only reason I can think of for someone to say that. THAT is why your response frustrated me. My response frustrated you because you were under the cosh, feeling pressure and the one people that could help you weren't helping you as you needed. Just because you may know of other remote support tools doesn't mean that you have actually considered using one to test whether they also exhibit the same issue in the scenario.

I also note the plethora of splash top users that have flooded this thread clambering over each other to help you. So again, don't be like that when you've come to others for help when your actual only source of help isn't helping you because then other people may be reticent to help you in future in case you get your knickers in a twist again.

I have posted useless answers to others' thread before when I misinterpreted their issues. The difference between you and I here is that when they corrected me, I acknowledged it that I screwed up and didn't try to defend my unhelpful answers. Had you simply acknowledged that your answer had nothing to do with Splashtop specifically, we wouldn't be continuing this ridiculous dance.

It frustrated me because I see these types of "answers" all over the place that contribute nothing to the conversation and usually end up in them getting derailed, just like this one. I see that type of response, but I don't reply to them because they are not in my post thread. If they are in my post thread and they contribute little or nothing to the issue, then sometimes I do respond in frustration. Did I ask if other remote support tools had the issue?

I know that Splashtop has the ability to do what I need as I showed in my post, so I asked a very targeted select audience this question, "So, can any other Splashtop users verify that this scenario works? I don't get why you fail to comprehend that simple fact.

Regarding your "I also note the plethora of splash top users" comment, I looked for a Splashtop-specific forum and found Remote Support. Silly me for thinking that all the Splashtop users I see here nearly every time someone asks about remote support would be silent on the issue. Again, look at my scenario of an Exchange problem and someone suggesting Kerio.

Now, please excuse me, but my knickers just came out of the wash and I need to go iron them. Ahh so my suggestion was valid and you tried it without consciously knowing it , testing other remote desktop apps does not exhibit the same issue, ergo you could discount an actual PC problem and could have proven to the technical team, seeing as they were being so obtuse, that it was the splashtop software that was at fault if they tried to tell you it wasn't.

It is a bit extreme and long winded but it would allow you to confirm exchange was at fault, but ultimately it isn't actually an irrelevant suggestion and it does depend on what the issue is as to whether you would do this. Using kerio is a useful suggestion that may or may not guide someone to a fix depending on the issue at hand. Just because you cannot see the value in a suggestion doesn't automatically render it irrelevant.

You just don't get it. You are wrong, pure and simple. Therefore, your recommendation of "Cant you just use VNC or something similar? Geez, you may as well have recommended trying to open Excel without issue. It's also just as irrelevant as your suggestion. Do you get it now? They were telling me it couldn't be done at first.

Proving that someone else's product works when I had already proven that their own product can work would have been a waste of time. It just made you look like a fool when you tried in vain to defend the Exchange scenario with added, unrelated information about testing with Kerio. Your ""Exchange isn't receiving emails" can you use kerio to see if that receives email?

Go back and read what I posted about the Exchange scenario. So, "Actually it would allow you to work out whether you have an exchange error or a network error" is also USELESS, and "Using kerio is a useful suggestion" is wrong, because I already know in that scenario that it is a " specific" Exchange server issue. You should try it some time! Smugness, right back at you, except properly backed up this time.

Because as I noted several times and proved with images, I already KNEW that Splashtop "isn't working as it is meant to" work on those computers all 15, but two different models. I did not need ANY other steps to prove that. All I needed was someone with good reading skills to read what was right in from them and NOT miss it like you and they did.

It was made automatically irrelevant BY YOU the second it mentioned something outside of the specific Splashtop issue and specific requested Splashtop test steps. You said it because you failed to properly read and comprehend the issue at hand and that the requested test steps had nothing to do with ANYTHING other than the specific software and specific situation outlined in my original post.

Dean, A pigeon has better reading skills than you did. I'll say it one last time. We all make mistakes like YOU did. Move on! Note: items in bold text were highlighted in case someone else has poor reading skills. You sound like someone who would go to the doctor complaining of pain in the third finger of your right hand, and when the doctor asks, "Can I amputate your left foot?

It's irrelevant to your specific situation, but hey, hack it off and see if it fixes the problem! This topic has been locked by an administrator and is no longer open for commenting. To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. I know that's very general, but I've been having a relatively hard time finding any IT related job that isn't basic help desk level one things.

I work in a fairly high level position doing mostly EDI and Salesforce maintenance. I am very willing to work h You can uninstall the applications by navigating to Control Panel? Programs and Features. Run the Registry Editor regedit. Make sure you have deleted the following folders:. Attempt a connection to a device if uninstalled on source machine using Splashtop.

Doing so will perform an automatic installation of the necessary Splashtop applications. For multiple destination-only devices, you can use the following components:. If the issue continues, gather as much of the following information as possible before contacting Datto RMM Support:. Skip to Navigation Skip to Main Content. Toggle SideBar. Datto Help Center. Home More.

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