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In this article, we'll compare the two leading on-premise VDI solutions: VMware Horizon and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. Organizations choose Horizon 7 over Citrix for their desktop and application VMware NSX provides VDI and mobile users with fast, easy, and. Citrix offers VDI solutions via Citrix XenDesktop, now known as Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop, whereas VMware offers VDI solutions via its. INSTALL VNC SERVER UBUNTU SERVER 12 04

VMware is a California based multinational company that also offers virtualization products with the following names:. Moreover, in the cloud space, MSPs are offering Citrix managed services on their cloud infra. It offers brokering services through its Delivery Controller, which is responsible for the distribution of the resources.

The Delivery Controller is a server component that communicates with the database and manages the virtual desktop or app access. It offers brokering services through its View Connection Servers, which helps communicate with resources similar to Citrix. It authenticates the users and gives a pathway to the exact virtual machine.

It also offers management capabilities like sign-on features and the setting up of various other policies. It is a software technology that delivers configuration or update information to the endpoint devices via shared disk images. Hence, it enables the organizations to decrease the number of disc images they have to manage.

PVS also offers great scalability as virtual machines can boot via a separate Citrix Provisioning Server handling all the requests in a shared manner. It is also a software technology that allows users to create duplicate virtual machine configurations with a base image. PVS offers excellent scalability and saves disk space, whereas MCS can provide you with appropriate network resilience. VMware also offers two provisioning technologies that are, Linked clones and Instant clones.

In linked clones, replicas are created using parent virtual machines, and clones are dependent on a software component called View Composer. View Composer controls the availability of the resources. Instant Clone is created from the memory of an already running parent virtual machine using the vmFork technology.

The front end of Citrix is called Storefront. It is a type of application store which validates user credentials. If Storefront authenticates and matches the user credentials with the active directory, it connects the users to their respective resources that the controller pulls.

VCS handles all the authentication and authorization. It serves as a security layer that performs user validation within the SSL environment. After verification, the requests are forwarded to the Storefront. The first one is a Windows-based security server requiring one-to-one pairing with VCS, and the latter is the new Linux-based gateway that can connect multiple VCS.

Selecting the right VDI solution is not at all easy. Citrix and VMware both serve appropriate virtualization technologies. As we compared both the solutions based on the five components, we have reached the following conclusions:. Also, it works for both small and large environments resulting in increased productivity and growth for enterprises. Top 10 Virtual Desktop Alternatives. VMware is a cloud computing company with a solid product offering.

They are the primary company that introduced Desktop Virtualization after analyzing the customers were utilizing ESX servers and server virtualization deployments. VMware allows the use of multiple operating systems to run on similar desktop or server devices in a virtual machine. Introduced in , VMware has gained a lot of popularity in the discipline of cloud computing and virtualization technology.

It is a trustworthy product and offers a great end user experience. Further, it provides services like Virtualization software, SaaS, Cloud. The products offered by VMware also cover ease of administration and help reduce the load on internal staff. VMware Solutions help accelerate modern app operations, existing apps, seamless employee experience and deliver any application on any cloud from any location.

Hypervisor: VMware is less flexible as it only supports its one hypervisor, such as ESXi, available for free. The main job of the service broker in a VDI deployment is to accept user connections and find suitable virtualized desktops or applications. Excluding the basic functionality. Citrix provides Citrix Director for help desk , handling user sessions, optimize resource utilization, and perform administrator level tasks.

It provides service brokers via Delivery Controller DC. VMware Horizon provides basic administrative tools and Helpdesk Utility compared to the Citrix offering. It provides a service broker via a view connection server VCS. Provisioning : Citrix provides provisioning services PVS and machine creation services MCS to deliver updates to virtual desktops via a shared image.

Front end system: Citrix VDI solutions utilize Storefront as the front end system responsible for handling user authentication and communicate with DC. Connection gateway: Citrix provides Citrix Gateway for authenticating external access requests, whereas VMware Horizon has two gateway, including a traditional security server and universal access gateway UAG. Networking: Citrix is considered a better option in terms of networking due to its integration of gateway services for Citrix VDI options and gateway support for the PCoIP.

Technical Support: VMware does not support articles, emails, brochures, and user manuals as technical support. However, Citrix depends only on these for technical support. For additional information, both provide forums, videos, and system updates. Many small to medium sized businesses or personal users prefer Citrix, whereas VMware is only structured for small to medium sized businesses and not for personal use.

It can be difficult to pick one of these two technologies. Every business has different needs; thus, it is recommended to deploy a VDI solution that fits your organizational requirement. I am a fan of open source technology and have more than 10 years of experience working with Linux and Open Source technologies. I am one of the Linux technical writers for Cloud Infrastructure Services. What is Citrix? It is a flexible technology, easy to use and understand.

Citrix VDI solutions can scale to large numbers of users. It provides enhanced security. It provides flexible access to IT resources from different locations. It helps in improving business continuity and productivity. It helps maintain global compliance and data privacy. It helps reduce the time and cost of desktop and IT management.

Remote access and mobility help enhance productivity. Helps build a hybrid multi cloud environment for better results. With Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, one can deploy all management tools on a single server. It has fewer hardware requirements. The free version does not include all resources for monitoring and troubleshooting. One needs to upgrade to a Platinum license for all features, which can be expensive. It is not easy to install Citrix products. Server or Citrix glitches may be visible.

Upfront only a few hypervisors feature suitable for a production environment. Does not support Linux operating system. It is not easy to upgrade regularly as the licensing costs are high. Plugins might crash when connecting to the virtual network.

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What is VMware Horizon? Desktop \u0026 Application Virtualization Solution

Whether you're a CIO performing a cost-benefit analysis or a systems engineer looking at switching another platform, one task that often proves challenging is deciphering the differences between solutions.

Vmware vdi citrix With Citrix you get more than just an external gateway, but the drawback is that those features may cost you in additional licensing, manpower, and training. It's one of those double-edged swords: do you require complexity or simplicity? Monitor, troubleshoot, and support Microsoft Teams. Virtual IP and virtual loopback. Upgrade a deployment.
Vmware vdi citrix Know More: Top DaaS providers offering managed services. Policy settings reference. Further, we will compare the two solutions and share their pros and cons for better decisions. X We use cookies to provide and improve our services. For more about setting permissions in vCenter, see the VMware documentation.
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