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where are anydesk settings saved › how-to-reset-anydesk-id-1a6bb9. By default, the session recordings can be found in %homepath%\Videos\AnyDesk. Local custom pathing is also supported. For a thorough explanation, please refer. There is a simple way to force a reset. Exit the running AnyDesk instance, then go to C:\ProgramData\Anydesk. Your ID and Alias is stored in the. DBFORGE VS HEIDISQL

Incoming session requests can either be automatically rejected or need user interaction. In case Interactive Access is enabled, the Accept Window will be shown whenever an incoming session request arrives. To start the session the request has to be accepted either by pressing 'Accept' in the Accept Window or by sending valid credentials see Unattended Access. Note : In case Interactive Access is disabled, session requests can still be accepted by sending valid credentials see Unattended Access.

See Permission Profiles. See Unattended Access. Only AnyDesk-IDs and Aliases registered in the access control list of the client are able to request connections to that client. Clients with AnyDesk-IDs and Aliases not registered to the access control list are automatically rejected.

Wildcard ACL entries are also available. The permissions found here are the default permissions for users connecting to you via the Accept Window. For more information, see Update. Discovery is enabled by default for installed AnyDesk clients. Note: If the Discovery feature is enabled, the Firewall may need to be adjusted. Username : A custom or user account name displayed in the Accept Window when connecting to other devices.

User Image : A custom or user account image displayed in various locations, including the Accept Window. If there is no account image or this option has been disabled, then the default AnyDesk user image will be shown. Desk Preview : A screenshot or the desktop wallpaper of your device displayed in the Address Book or the list of Recent Sessions of other AnyDesk clients.

This option can also be disabled whereby the preview will be replaced with a stock image. Chat Log : The path where to save the chat log. Chat logging can also be disabled from here. Alternative Screen Background: Enabling this option allows you to configure what desktop background the users see when they connect to your device. You can upload a custom image or simply replace your desktop background with a plain color. Once all AnyDesk sessions have been disconnected from your client, your background will return to normal.

Screen Frame: Enabling this feature will show an always-on-top border around your display when someone is connected to you. This will allow you to be able to tell with a single glance if someone is connected to your device. Transmission : Transmits audio to the remote device during incoming sessions. You can choose between no transmission, your operating system's standard device, or a specific device.

Output : Determines the output device during outgoing sessions. Note: Audio is unidirectional. Create an additional reverse session for bidirectional audio transmission. If disabled, the AnyDesk session between the local and remote endpoints are routed through our servers. Layout Settings. Language Codes. Automatically register Alias. Auto register Alias to custom namespace For custom Windows MSI installers, please do not enable "Auto register Alias to namespace" in the custom client configuration.

Request elevation on startup UAC. Stop users from removing or overwriting the license. See Language Codes. Disable the ability to send direct invitations. Disable the ability to receive direct invitations. Hide local taskbar if AnyDesk window is maximized. Remove the "What's new"-tile on the main window. Remove the "Set password for unattended access"-tile Pre-AnyDesk 7. Remove the tile about the existence of the Discovery-function. Hide pie menu button on inactivity Android only.

Forbid others to save login information for this computer. Disable File Manager for incoming sessions. Terminate existing incoming sessions when receiving a session request Android only. Override standard permissions only works if different permissions for Unattended Access are set. Forbid connecting users to:. Lock desktop on session end. Request system information.

Print out my documents on their printer. Show a colored mouse pointer when physical input is forbidden. Internal profile identifier for the below key-value pairs. List of available permissions for the below key-value pairs. Defines whether or not AnyDesk remembers what profile and permissions were used in the previous session between the same two clients.

Settings Defines what permissions are available across all profiles. Accept Window Defines what permissions are changeable during a session across all profiles. Defines whether profiles can be changed once they have been selected. Defines whether profiles are shown in the Accept Window.

Do not search the local network for other AnyDesk clients. IP-address for multicast communication. Port number for multicast communication. Number of UDP ports to use starting from the port specified with ad. Disable Privacy settings. Set the username type. Set the custom screenshot path. Set width of Screen Frame. Default: Set opacity of Screen Frame. Set color of Screen Frame. Default: FFFF.

Start new sessions in fullscreen mode. Use edge scrolling in original view mode. Do not save settings between session connections. Ask for proxy authentication credentials. Automatically detect proxy authentication credentials. Use NTLM-authentication. Start session recording when a session starts For non-Windows clients and Windows clients older than AnyDesk 6. Start session recording when an incoming session starts while in logged out AnyDesk for Windows 6.

Start session recording when an incoming session starts while logged in AnyDesk for Windows 6. Start session recording when an outgoing session starts AnyDesk for Windows 6. Forbid session recording from remote.

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Please see Permission Profiles. See Two-Factor Authentication. By enabling "Enable Unattended Access", a prompt will appear where the user can set the password used for Unattended Access. An existing password can be changed by clicking "Set password for unattended access". The password should be very secure. Anyone who knows the password and your AnyDesk ID can potentially have full access to your computer depending on the available permissions.

A password that exceeds at least 12 characters is highly recommended. AnyDesk also supports Two-Factor Authentication for the best security. Always double-check when a third-party contacts you and demands your AnyDesk Address. We AnyDesk Software will never ask for your password and legitimate companies will never contact you without you having initiated the communication first.

In case you are seeking the help of a PC repair service, please make sure you know the vendor. Enabling "Allow other computers to save login information for this computer" will allow users connecting to the client via Unattended Access to select "Login automatically from now on". When this option is selected and the Unattended Access password is correct, the connecting client will receive a token from the remote AnyDesk client. With this token, future connections from the connecting client to the remote client will allow the connecting client to have his requests accepted automatically without the need of typing the Unattended Access password for subsequent sessions.

The token can be reset by the remote device by selecting "Clear all tokens", or changing the unattended access password. Resetting the token will force all Unattended Access users to manually type in the Unattended Access password again. You can disable the feature to allow login information the password by unticking "Allow other computers to save login information for this computer". The more you know about the way they work, the better protected you are.

What you can do Scammers are basically after your money. What to do when scammed. Step 1 Report the scam to your account providers i. Step 2 Change any passwords to accounts that may have been compromised. Step 3 Have your device checked by an IT-specialist. Step 4 Report the scam to your local authorities.

I might have been scammed Report Now. Tutorial: How to spot a scam Discover what you can do to spot a Scam. Discover More. Contact If you were scammed using AnyDesk, submit a report here. Contact Us. Blog: Avoid Scams Learn what you can do to not get tricked by scammers. Learn More.

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