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Citrix disconnected sessions not clearing

citrix disconnected sessions not clearing

Log on to the affected XenApp server and run qwinsta from an elevated command prompt to find the session ID of the disconnected sessions (disc. Solution. Disable/Remove shortcut for "" and use one of the below supported methods to log off the ICA session. Terminate/Log off sessions that have been disconnected for 2 hours. The above is working but when reviewing the Users tab in Task Manager, there. ANYDESK FOR MAC

Does anyone know if this is fixed in 7. CU4 seems reliable. Same issue here — We are running 7. However I have one doubt like when user has single delivery group access means this is working. But when user had multiple delivery group access I means different desktop group means how we can specify or include a particular server in cmd to restrict logon or make it hidden?

I just filter my powershell cmd to get the correct session…. Thank you so much for this work around — I have been using it for years. It seems it is somehow tied to this value. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. You have two options: Send all currently logged on users a message asking them to log out. All whilst doing this the affected user has to wait unproductively Run a PowerShell command to hide the affected users session so that they can log on to a new session on another XenApp server Running this PowerShell command, you will have the affected user up and running quickly and you can worry about draining and restarting the server at a more convenient time or without as much urgency.

Tags: citrix , hung session , session froze , session hang , stuck , xenapp , xendesktop. Dwayne La Rose October 4, Shaun February 16, George Spiers February 16, George Spiers October 4, Siva November 16, George Spiers November 16, Admin November 21, Oh thank you!! I wished I found you earlier — but still applies!! Patrice Jacques-gustave January 6, Hello, Your post is very hepfull, I translate it in my website for french people, thank a lot.

George Spiers January 7, Mario April 11, George Spiers April 13, George Spiers May 26, Pablo August 30, George Spiers August 30, Shali February 16, Vianney November 15, This is how this issue was resolved issue in our XenDesktop environment 7. Anonymous April 10, George Spiers April 10, Anonymous April 11, George Spiers April 12, Anon April 26, George Spiers April 27, Anonymous May 1, Sravan Kumar May 25, Hi George, I have a question here, we have only one server which is hosting the application or VDA, in this case what is the solution to remove user session which is frozen already on the server.

Anonymous June 1, George Spiers June 3, How are you doing that? Anonymous June 4, Wolfgang October 4, Marcus Liotta June 4, Appears no one considered actually force logging off a user via commandline or powershell. Jamaldeen Packeer mohamed July 31, Ron August 24, George Spiers August 24, Anonymous September 4, Thanks, David.

George Spiers September 4, John February 15, David February 20, Hi George, this worked for me and is very useful. Or will it reset to false after next full logoff and on? George Spiers February 21, Andreas February 21, Thank you for this very useful script. Jess July 31, David July 31, Jeff October 29, Barry November 4, Annoying but the powershell trick works well.. Anonymous December 4, Is there a way to add scripting to show what VDA server the user was hung on?

George Spiers December 14, These are the offending sessions below. The same processes hung within each one. Taskkill cannot end this process. Log on to the affected XenApp server and run qwinsta from an elevated command prompt to find the session ID of the disconnected sessions disc state.

Note no username against the session. I attempted a logoff however the sessions no longer exist, the entries in task manager must just be blank placeholders for the old sessions. I checked in with the users and there were able to launch published applications successfully again. View all posts by Ant.

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Workspace Control. Created Date. Apr 14, PM. Last Modified Date. Dec 10, AM. Problem Disconnected Citrix XenDesktop sessions cannot be logged off. This applies to the following scenario. In this scenario a disconnected session is not logged off after the configured time-out, but remains in a disconnected state. The disconnected session cannot be logged off by an administrator in Citrix Studio.

A reboot of the Citrix XenDesktop machine resolves this situation. In case the Service Release is not yet available or in case the Service Release cannot be installed, a revision containing this update is available on request at RES Support.

Only apply this revision when you are experiencing a specific problem. Was this page helpful? Thank you! Sorry to hear that. Name Name is required. Email Email address is required. Close Submit. Featured Products. Need more help? Product issues. Open or view cases Chat live. Other support options. Share this page.

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