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Cisco Webex Teams optimization on Citrix Workspace app feature matrix ; Chat, Supported ; Call—Mute or unmute, Supported ; Call—Turn on or turn off camera. Deployment guide for Webex App for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Meet Anywhere Anytime, Enjoy a rich meeting experience with integrated audio, high-quality video, and content sharing on the go. JUNK EMAIL FILTER FOR EM CLIENT MAIL Citrix webex app mysql workbench crashes citrix webex app


You can use the pre-meeting desktop app to join meetings, whether or not you have a Webex account. If you sign in with a host account, you can start meetings instantly, schedule meetings, join your scheduled meetings, add integrations to join meetings from other apps, and detect nearby video devices. If you sign in with an attendee account, you can see and join your upcoming meetings and detect nearby video devices.

If you don't have an account or haven't signed in, you can still use the Meetings desktop app as a guest to see your upcoming meetings, easily join your meetings, and connect to a video device. The Meetings desktop app automatically downloads after starting or joining a Webex meeting from a Webex site or email invitation.

Click the installation file to install it. Refer to the New webex sign-in users and the New webex guest users sections in the Webex Meetings desktop app installation matrix. If you want to install the app without joining a meeting first, you can also download it manually here , then follow steps 3—5 below to install the file. Customers who are locked down to a specific meeting application version should get the download file directly from their Webex site.

Follow the steps below. If you have a previous version of the Meetings desktop app, you have to uninstall that version before installing the new version. Run the. The Meetings desktop app opens when the installation is complete.

Select or enter your Webex site URL, and then enter your password. The Meetings desktop app's automatic update option is enabled by default for your Webex site. When the Meetings desktop app is running, it checks every hours to see if there is a new version available. When a newer version becomes available, the app automatically downloads it and you see a blue Update option in the top right corner of the app. You have two options to enable automatic upgrade of the Webex App on the virtual desktop:.

Enable it during initial installation from the command line see Configure hosted virtual desktop for Webex App in the deployment chapter of this book. VDI users of Webex App do not receive monthly updates, because monthly thick client releases are not pushed to hosted virtual desktops.

VDI users are prompted to upgrade when the virtual desktop version of Webex App becomes available released once every two months. If this folder is non-persistent in user's environment, Webex App rolls back to the previous version after rebooting the virtual desktop. Keep in mind that the latest features and functionality may not work if you or your users are not using the latest HVD version and VDI plugin. See "Version Support" in the Release Notes for more information. We recommend that you enable automatic upgrades for the plugins.

To enable automatic upgrades for the VDI plugin, you must edit a Windows registry key on the virtual desktop:. If you choose this option, you must manually upgrade the plugins to maintain version compatibility with the app.

Automatic upgrade of the plugins is only available with Webex App Automatic upgrade of the plugin is supported on Windows and MacOS thin clients. The plugin does not automatically upgrade on Linux thin clients. The plugin can only upgrade automatically if the Webex App on the virtual desktop also upgrades automatically. Users are prompted to upgrade the plugin after the Webex App has upgraded on the virtual desktop. We recommend that you keep the plugin and the virtual desktop Webex App on the latest version.

There is some backwards compatibility if you can't upgrade them together. See "Version support" in the Release notes for more information. Keep this information in mind as you manage upgrades or changes to your Citrix or VMware connection brokers. Be sure to use the supported versions that are listed in the Prepare Your Environment chapter.

You and your users see a warning in the VDI plugin installation steps that reminds you to install the connection broker first. If you see an upgrade notice in the Citrix environment, performing this upgrade does not affect the Webex App VDI plugin on a Windows or Mac thin client. If you see an upgrade notice in the Citrix environment, you must reinstall the Webex App VDI plugin on a Linux thin client after upgrading your Citrix environment.

You and your users see a warning in the VDI plugin installation steps that reminds you to install the connector broker first. After this configuration, Webex App runs on the non-optimized solution. Rename TSDetectionLib. You must either rename the file back to TSDetectionLib.

By modifying the registry, you can enable or disable specific Webex App features such as high definition HD and screen sharing. Doing so can save resources on the server in the data center. You can also decide whether users can do full or HVD window only screen share. If your users are on systems that are capable of more advanced video features, you can enable the features as needed. You can modify the registry keys before or after the VDI plugin is installed. Changes to the Windows registry should be done with extreme caution.

We recommend that you make a backup of your registry before using these steps. Make sure your users' thin client devices meet the system requirements for virtual backgrounds. In Windows search or the Run window, type regedit and then press Enter. In fallback mode, datacenter load increases, so to prevent overload, media is not used. Users can dismiss the reminder if they want. The reminder appears weekly until users take action.

Users can also dismiss this notification. As an administrator, you can enable or disable these notifications at the organization-wide level. Problem On Linux VDI clients, the ringtone for an incoming call does not ring all devices including speakers on the thin client even if that option is selected in Webex App on the HVD host.

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