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Comodo firewall 3 beta

comodo firewall 3 beta

Regardless what results you get while Beta Testing the F-Secure Internet Security with Comodo Leaktest. So that they know what to do. badi.cerelace.xyzom › › bit-news › comodo-firewall-pro-. Online Setup Details: · [Select] ; Comodo Antivirus http:///cis/download/installs/_beta/web/ ; Comodo Firewall. WINSCP EDITOR REMOVE TABS Comodo firewall 3 beta mremoteng connect to mac comodo firewall 3 beta


Quote from: gdiloren on October 29, , PM. My last sad adventure with Comodo here. Maybe Justin can give me a hand Just installed the new RC1 version of Comodo 3. Working like a charm on my Windows Vista Home Premium system. I can't figure out what's happening to Tech! I can only suggest him to reformat his system and to reinstall it from the start. That is, if Comodo Firewall is worth it!!!

Actually the reason that Comodo Firewall wasn't working was because as they had specified the beats did not support Vista yet Al Quote from: gdiloren on November 12, , PM. Mobile Security. No, because, well, it is strange the betas and RC are functionning well on my Vista system since the beginning.

I mean, a computer is a computer, he must have something corrupted there. There is more than one version of Vista and Tech is using the Business version, which is probably diferent to your version, so a direct comparison can't be made. I doubt that there is a corruption issue. Quote from: gdiloren on November 13, , AM. I have to admit Comodo forum and support is rather frustating. They don,t give a damn! Downloaded and installed the latest beta. It is working great.

Light on resources. Much better than the alpha a few months back. LoadCoil , Sep 28, Joined: Oct 26, Posts: Coolio10 do you mind posting more screenshots of CFP? I love their new GUI and I would like to see more. Joined: Jun 29, Posts: 1, Legendkiller , Sep 29, Joined: Jun 28, Posts: 4, Working fine here Joined: Oct 30, Posts: Joined: May 31, Posts: Thanks for the news.

Gren , Sep 29, Coolio10 , Sep 29, Installation Mode is a feature that was soooo badly needed. Love it. Joined: Feb 28, Posts: Why would people pay for ProSecurity and its cousins when Comodo is doing all this for free? Does Comodo 3 allow for easy changes from a trusted network to one that is not trusted? With Comodo 2.

Zone Alarm and the built in Vista FW handle this issue very well, for example. Diver , Sep 30, Just some thoughts on my brief trial If it does not set the standard, it comes very close. Just my opinion, of course. Impressively light resource usage, including low mem usage and private bytes usage.

I did not spend too much time on it, but it appears to let nothing loose that it hasn't got a rule for yet unless, of course, it is set to training mode. The negative: Almost too many features. It will take an intrepid individual to get comfortable with all the available options. It is a headache setting them up. That said, once they are set up they can be saved to a config file and used later. Where is the ability to create loopback rules? I see this nowhere, even with Alert Level set to highest.

This really bugs me if they can not be manually created. Someone please clarify this. Logging of firewall packets is still second rate.

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