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Citrix what is it

citrix what is it

Citrix is a company that helps workforces access desktops and applications remotely and securely through a remote server as if the layout were. XenApp allows you to install applications on a server and then access those applications without having to install anything on the client apart from the Citrix. Citrix XenApp extended Microsoft Remote Desktop Session Host desktop sessions and apps to users. XenApp is now part of the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. CYBERDUCK 4 2 1 PORTABLE

These products allow IT departments to host centralized desktops and applications, respectively. These products enable users to access applications from anywhere, no matter what hardware they are using, including tablets.

Citrix is best known for its desktop virtualization products: XenApp and XenDesktop. The company markets these products as a way for IT departments to lower the total cost of ownership by centralizing their applications as well as supporting multiple devices. With a Citrix Server, companies only have to upgrade an application or operating system once instead of rolling out new versions to individual users.

XenDesktop virtualizes a desktop — usually Windows, but it can also be a Mac or Linux desktop. XenApp only virtualizes single applications. The advantage of a Citrix Server is that organizations with heterogeneous environments can have the same applications.

Users with Windows, Mac and Linux desktops can have a standard environment. Citrix also offers mobile clients and touts its virtualized desktops to support mobile BYOD users. Fields such as medicine, which have strict compliance rules like HIPAA, can increase security by storing confidential data on the server instead of a laptop that can be lost or stolen.

By: Tara Struyk. By: Linda Rosencrance. Dictionary Dictionary Term of the Day. Techopedia Terms. The companies' information is only as safe as the end-user decides to make his equipment. Citrix Virtual Apps is the method of delivery Citrix uses for their remote server interface and delivery.

Further, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops applies a customized version of Microsoft Remote Desktop Services to create a virtual desktop using a virtual desktop infrastructure. In addition, any products deliver secure applications and desktop resources from a central server. Still, none are as powerful, safe, and easy to use as Citrix Server. With Citrix, most processing power and storage happens on the company's servers rather than the user's home computer.

The server stores and opens applications, files are saved remotely, freeing up the user's resources for other uses. Also, the user can access the vast library and information of a company server, rather than just what they have personally saved. The user can search for information on the company server. When found, the user delivers it to the user as if it is on their computer. In thin clients, processing information takes place remotely, often on a server or data center rather than locally.

Rather than installing apps and documents on your computer for work use, you only need the Citrix receiver. Citrix Virtual Apps is also just one of Citrix's latest product line managed service provider services. In turn, it became MetaFrame. Next, it became the Presentation Server before advancing to XenApp, and finally Citrix Virtual Apps, ever-changing and ever-improving towards more robust products. Like many quality products, several companies still use previous versions, such as Citrix XenApp 7.

Many are also using XenApp 6 and 6. While they may be dated, even older versions are remarkably efficient for many businesses' needs. A Citrix managed service provider will configure central servers to host applications and resources in a Citrix application delivery setup. Citrix Virtual Apps manage to keep the app isolated from the rest of the operating system and deliver a new OS to its screen.

The client's device does not need an actual app installed—the information needed to configure everything stored on the server. The user's keystrokes and mouse occur on the server's end, not the users. The user only sees the result on their screen. However, the client's device does need the Citrix Receiver installed for the server to grant access to any of the hosted resources from a windows server.

When this is necessary, all other users' computers have to share the resources of the server. Citrix Virtual Apps And Desktops manages to create a complete virtual computer screen experience from the company to the remote clients' device. Each user logged in has access to their own computer experience as if they were on location using the company's OS and desktop. There are no shared resources as you are essentially using a virtual desktop no different than if you were on site.

The term 'Citrix Virtual Desktop' is the common terminology for the virtual desktop experience created through the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops environment. Virtual Desktop is a virtual application created by Citrix that was formerly named XenDesktop. One great benefit of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops is their expansive offering of applications, end security, and machines regardless of the OS or interface.

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops manages several components, including:. Typically, working remotely involves running applications and storing data on your computer. What Citrix Desktop does is run everything on a remote host. With a remote host, you can use a virtual host on a series of devices remotely. The user's only requirement is to run the Citrix Receiver, a software application managing the remote virtual desktop experience on your local device.

However, computers can still run older versions. The more senior Citrix Receiver is still fully compatible with newer versions of the Citrix infrastructure while managing the updated capabilities. Citrix Desktops provides management and control operations in two places: Citrix Director and Citrix Studio.

Citrix Director is where administration, reporting, and monitoring happen. Citrix Studio is where your Citrix managed service provider sets up and deploys the virtual desktop environment and applications. Citrix Workspace is the ultimate result of a conversion of all former Citrix products into one unified solution.

Citrix Workspace is a cloud-based end-user experience over a unified interface. Workspace allows users access to the entire selection of apps and content on your company's server from anywhere they choose to log in. Citrix worked tirelessly over the years to ensure that its entire selection of products looks and operates the same across all platforms.

They also offer a seamless experience no matter the location or device. Once Citrix accomplished this, they chose to rebrand their services suite under one umbrella called Citrix Workspace. The Citrix Workspace vision brings all apps, whether SaaS, virtual, mobile, Linux, or Windows content and devices, whether PC or mobile, into one unified cloud-based interface. The result of Citrix Workspace is one powerful suite offering a complete workspace solution.

There is no need for outside integration, everything you need in one set of tools to suit your needs.

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