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Splashtop android review app

splashtop android review app

Splashtop is the best remote desktop app for Android. With it, you can seamlessly control your computer as if you were using it in-person. Splashtop has earned. When we last looked at Splashtop, the app mostly impressed us with its low price. However, the latest version is impressive for its range of. Splashtop Streamer is the desktop application that you need to be able to use Splashtop 2, an Android and iOS app that allows you to control your computer. RUN VNC SERVER ON REDHAT LINUX Splashtop android review app teamviewer remover splashtop android review app

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Splashtop is a good choice for telecommuters, teachers, and IT professionals. Setting up the remote desktop app is very easy. A new user only needs to sign up for a new account and install the apps on the devices that will be used.

After the account creation, the app will guide users through an easy setup. When the downloading of the streamer package is complete, all the devices can be connected with one single click. The file transfer also works very fast. All Splashtop users that need further help with the features can contact chat support or submit a ticket.

However, wait times for getting an answer are relatively long, but there are plenty of guides, FAQs, and even a community forum that can help with complex issues and questions. We mentioned in our pros that Splashtop also has a free plan. This plan is for non-commercial use only and it lets users connect their phones to computers through the Splashtop Personal — Remote Desktop. Although it has only a few features, Splashtop Personal can be a great help.

When looking at the different plans and features it offers, Splashtop Business is quite a powerful app. The remote desktop connection manager is also great since it allows cross-platform access. For instance, personal users may want to use a free tool, such as Remote Access for Windows.

The downside is that the tool can only be used by Windows devices. TeamViewer does offer a lot more tools, including IoT device control and even a meeting tab, but it comes with a bigger price tag. Razer Green Switches. ProClockers was founded way back in , with a goal to provide unbiased PC hardware and tech reviews. Whilst the first products we reviewed are long gone, we're continuing to review the latest and greatest every month.

You must be logged in to post a comment Login. You must be logged in to post a comment. Kingston A SSD is a drive fit for those on a You can connect numerous unattended computers to ensure you always have access to important information. For example, all subscriptions come with file transfer tools. Session recording is available where applicable, and support packages include a built-in chat module. Getting started involves signing up for a new account, providing a few personal details, and installing the required apps on the devices you plan to use.

We trialed the Remote Support plan, which involved installing the Splashtop app on the device we wanted to connect from. A streamer package then needed to be downloaded onto the devices we wanted to access. This done, the devices could be connected at the click of a button. We tested Splashtop by connecting to a Windows computer from an Android smartphone. You can screen share and access different devices remotely, and both the desktop and smartphone apps are attractive and work well.

Different devices also use slightly different interfaces, as to be expected. Overall, Splashtop performs well. We tested it with an approximately 50 Mbps internet connection and in general, the software was fast and responsive. At times, there was a small lag less than one second with the screen share features, but mouse tracking and clicks registered almost instantaneously.

The file transfer feature was also fast and efficient. For example, its cloud services are hosted on Amazon Web Services, a platform secured by firewalls, encryption, DDoS protection, and more. Similarly, intrusion detection and defense mechanisms are in place to provide an extra layer of protection. All devices used with Splashtop must be authenticated and two-factor protection is available.

Technicians can also remotely blank the screen of a connected device, securing sensitive information. Splashtop provides online ticket submission and chat support for all users. Staff are friendly and knowledgeable, but wait times can be lengthy.

Fortunately, you will also have access to a large, beginner-friendly knowledge base containing a wealth of information. Guides and how-to articles are cleverly categorized by category and the built-in search engine works well. A community forum is also available for more complex questions. Overall, Splashtop is a powerful remote desktop connection manager backed by highly targeted plans and great security.

New users will benefit from a seven-day trial with the software package of their choice, but payments are only available on an annual basis. Splashtop is a great choice for those without much tech experience. The software also comes with some great extra features, powerful security on all levels, and a detailed knowledge base. Although Splashtop is a great remote desktop access and screen sharing tool, there are numerous competitors that should be considered.

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