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Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop on VMware vSphere and other virtualization platforms to reduce costs and boost flexibility. While Citrix virtualization seems. This guide provides information about deploying Citrix XenApp in a virtualized environment powered by. VMware vSphere™. Key considerations are reviewed for. Both Citrix and VMware have automated deployment systems. VMware Instant Clone Technology is similar to Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS), but offers benefits. DRAGON DE COMODO VIDEO

Management simplicity statement cannot be easily applied to each of them. I would say that management-wise both vendors are more or less equal. Better Value. I think better value is the key thing you need to figure out when looking for a solution. The important thing is that it has to be a better value for your unique environment.

Citrix XenDesktop Platinum licensing is usually more expensive but also includes many features not available from VMware, or available at additional cost, or from third-party vendors. It is up to you to decide which features are applicable and which are not to your environment, and then find out whether they are included with a particular product license.

Only then you can get a better vision of what the best value might be in your case. In some cases. This section of the post will be shorter. To summarize:. Citrix offers the most comprehensive app virtualization solution because it is a trusted virtualization vendor for many years. Sounds familiar, right? VMware was missing this critical component for a long time. I have to admit that Citrix XenApp is a much more feature-rich, flexible and advanced product than Microsoft Remote Desktop Services integrated with Horizon, but is it applicable in your particular case?

User experience unmatched in the industry. Simple, fast and efficient management at scale. Sounds exactly like Management Simplicity to me. Just a couple of quotes from Citrix whitepaper:. There are some management and operational efficiencies, but once again, it is up to you to decide whether these are applicable in your environment. This may be important in some cases. Once again, it may or may not be important for you. Every solution is different, and there is no recipe that works for everyone.

Th i s guide points you to step - by-step guides and interactive labs to get you quickly set up, running, and comfortable with a Horizon deployment. This guide is intended for anyone who is a Citrix administrator and has a Citrix background who wants to learn about VMware Horizon.

Familiarity with networking and storage in a virtual environment, Active Directory, identity management, and directory services is assumed. Horizon is a complete solution that delivers, manages, and protects virtual desktops, RDSH-published desktops, and applications across devices and locations. The following sub-sections describe the key elements that make Horizon an enterprise-class solution. VMware Horizon provides a single management platform for delivering virtual desktops and RDSH-published desktops and applications to end users at scale, both on-prem and in the cloud.

From provisioning to management and monitoring, Horizon offers an integrated stack of enterprise-class technologies. With mobile device support and identity-driven workspaces, Horizon offers a consumer-simple, enterprise-secure user experience. Horizon Control Plane Services offer a set of cloud management services to deploy, manage, and scale virtual apps and desktops across all Horizon environments, both on-premises and in the cloud. The services offered by Horizon Control Plane Services include the following:.

In addition, Horizon is built upon a set of integrated operating system, application, and user-environment technologies. Horizon provides a faster way to provision fully personalized and customized virtual desktops or RDSH hosts.

Horizon Enterprise includes real-time application delivery, user personalization, fast desktop provisioning, and application packaging. VMware Horizon represents a leap forward in managing and delivering not just virtual desktops, but also published applications and desktops in a scalable, secure, and enterprise manner. VMware provides you with the opportunity to deploy enterprise software for published applications and desktops, with or without VDI. VMware has introduced VMware Horizon Apps to the market—a standalone offering that focuses on delivering and managing published RDSH applications, including session-based desktops.

Horizon Apps is essentially the same as VMware Horizon but without the option to deploy virtual desktops. Remote physical Windows 10 machine access is also available in Horizon Apps. App Volumes, Instant Clones, and Dynamic Environment Manager allow components of a desktop or RDSH server to be decoupled and managed independently in a centralized manner, yet reconstituted on demand to deliver a personalized user workspace when needed.

These components are supported in both on-premises and cloud-based Horizon deployments, providing a unified and consistent management platform regardless of your deployment topology. This approach provides several key benefits, including simplified desktop and RDSH image management, faster delivery and maintenance of applications, and elimination of the need to manage fully persistent desktops.

The new deployment reality for Horizon at scale is automatic deployment of hundreds of customized desktops and RDSH servers in a few minutes from centralized single images. Horizon supports real-time application delivery and management through VMware technologies. Instant Clone Technology provides a faster way to provision virtual machines in VMware vSphere with reduced deployment complexity. When administrators combine App Volumes, Dynamic Environment Manager, and Instant Clone Technology, they can rapidly spin up RDSH-shared or virtual desktops that retain user customization across sessions, even though the desktop itself is destroyed when the user logs out.

Following are some features and products that contribute to simple, fast, and efficient management at scale for Horizon:. Note: To confirm the latest configuration maximums, see VMware Horizon configuration limits. After the single golden image has been published in the environment, it can take only 1 to 2 seconds, on average, to create a VM. A single Horizon virtual-desktop pod consists of Horizon Connection Servers, shared storage, a database server, and vSphere and network infrastructure.

With Cloud Pod Architecture , you can join multiple pods together and manage this pod federation globally through a single entitlement layer. IT can aggregate multiple pods in either the same data center or different data centers, and entitle users to a desktop in any location. When combined with Horizon, VMware vSAN offers the ability to deploy a linear, scalable hyper-converged virtual desktop and application solution. VMware vSAN has tight integration with Horizon and provides optimized storage policies that are automatically enabled, depending on the deployment type.

Security is at the forefront of the VMware Horizon architecture. VMware takes security seriously across all product areas, from the data center and network to the endpoint, including mobile devices. Here are some of the security features and products available in Horizon:. Horizon delivers a complete and consistent end-user experience through the following technologies:.

A consumer-simple experience is driven across devices with the Workspace ONE app. The app can be downloaded from public app stores, and users can then access their desktops and applications from mobile devices through Workspace ONE Access. The VMware Horizon Client, in combination with Workspace ONE Access, supports features such as biometric authentication, multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, and policy-controlled access to applications.

Workspace ONE Access provides a consistent user experience for accessing all corporate applications, regardless of deployment technology. Whether deployed on premises or in the cloud, the self-service app store provides fast single sign-on to user applications and desktops without the need to remember multiple passwords. A variety of secure-access mechanisms, including multi-factor authentication, are supported.

In addition, customized policies can deliver context-aware access to applications and desktops. Some remote display protocols are acceptable across high-bandwidth and low-latency networks, but they degrade under non-ideal conditions. VMware has developed Blast Extreme Adaptive Transport—an extension of the Blast Extreme protocol—to improve user experience across varying network conditions.

Blast Extreme has been optimized to perform well under non-ideal conditions such as public Wi-Fi and mobile networks. Blast Extreme adapts to low bandwidth and dropped packets, and, by offloading to the client-device GPU, reduces the impact on battery life and improves user experience.

Finally, by using Dynamic Environment Manager, Blast Extreme session settings can be customized and personalized based on a number of different factors. The following screenshot shows how a bandwidth profile can be set through Dynamic Environment Manager. Dynamic Environment Manager offers a complete user environment management solution without requiring additional back-end infrastructure servers.

For example, Dynamic Environment Manager can create drive and printer mappings, file type associations, and shortcuts. Dynamic Environment Manager can even manage virtual applications for users. Dynamic Environment Manager is used to provide a consistent user experience across physical and virtual desktop and published application sessions, regardless of the device used for access.

When VMware RDSH servers are refreshed, Dynamic Environment Manager ensures user customizations, settings, personalization, policies, and application configurations are delivered just in time when a user logs in. Both solutions use a combination of connection brokers, web-based application catalogs, and RDSH or VDI servers to securely deliver virtual desktops and published applications to give administrators even more options to provide the best end-user experience.

The following sub-sections describe the details of each of the component comparisons in the figure above. This application and desktop catalog supports Horizon virtual desktops, Horizon published applications and shared desktops, and Saas applications like Salesforce. The VMware Horizon administration console is web-based.

The Horizon Administrator console provides the ability to manage virtual desktops, RDSH servers, and published applications and desktops, all from a single console. The following is an overview of the Inventory items in the left pane. Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops require installation and maintenance of a license server.

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Close Submit. Featured Products. Citrix Systems, Inc. Since its launch in , Citrix has focused on simplifying IT infrastructure management via tools that provide transparency into system administration and performance. Citrix has undergone several transformations—completing more than 50 acquisitions throughout its three-decade history. Most of these acquisitions have either expanded its business or augmented its existing portfolio.

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