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Citrix xendesktop linux vdi

citrix xendesktop linux vdi

of Citrix XenDesktop and how it delivers virtual desktops to users in VDI Windows Server and Linux operating systems, as well as physical desktops. Citrix released the Linux VDA back together with the XenDesktop At the moment of writing the article Citrix released version of the. If you prefer to use an app to access your UMD Windows Virtual Environment, you can install and use the Citrix Workspace app. This will give you additional. TIGHTVNC LISTEN PORT Citrix xendesktop linux vdi 1959 ford thunderbird citrix xendesktop linux vdi

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Your domain controller must be reachable and you must have an Active Directory user account with permissions to add computers to the domain:. Where REALM is the Kerberos realm name in uppercase, and user is a domain user with permissions to add computers to the domain. The winbind daemon stays running only if the machine is joined to a domain.

Run the net ads command of Samba to verify that the machine is joined to a domain:. To verify that Kerberos is configured correctly for use with the Linux VDA, verify that the system keytab file has been created and contains valid keys:.

This command displays the list of keys available for the various combinations of principal names and cipher suites. Run the Kerberos kinit command to authenticate the machine with the domain controller using these keys:. The machine and realm names must be specified in uppercase. In some environments, the DNS domain name is different from the Kerberos realm name.

Ensure that the realm name is used. If this command is successful, no output is displayed. Use the wbinfo tool to verify that domain users can authenticate with the domain:. The domain specified here is the AD domain name, not the Kerberos realm name. This command returns a message indicating success or failure. Verify that a corresponding Kerberos credential cache file was created for the uid returned by the id -u command:.

A similar test can be performed by logging on to the Gnome or KDE console directly. If you succeed in user authentication but cannot show your desktop when logging on with a domain account, restart the machine and then try again. Assume that you have installed and configured the Quest software on the Active Directory domain controllers, and have been granted administrative privileges to create computer objects in Active Directory.

These instructions are equivalent for setting up domain users for logon using the console, RDP, SSH, or any other remoting protocol. This enforcement interferes with the Unix domain socket IPC mechanisms used by Quest, and prevents domain users from logging on. The convenient way to work around this issue is to disable SELinux.

Use this setting carefully. Reenabling SELinux policy enforcement after disabling can cause a complete lockout, even for the root user and other local users. Auto-renewal of Kerberos tickets must be enabled and disconnected. Authentication offline logon must be disabled:. This command sets the renewal interval to nine hours 32, seconds which is one hour less than the default hour ticket lifetime.

Set this parameter to a lower value on systems with a shorter ticket lifetime. Join the Linux machine to the Active Directory domain using the Quest vastool command:. The user is any domain user with permissions to join computers to the Active Directory domain. The domain-name is the DNS name of the domain, for example, example. To verify that a Quest-joined Linux machine is on the domain:. If the machine is joined to a domain, this command returns the domain name.

If the machine is not joined to any domain, the following error appears:. Computer may not be joined to domain. Verify that a corresponding Kerberos credential cache file was created for the UID returned by the id -u command:. The user parameter is any Active Directory domain user with permissions to join computers to the Active Directory domain. The domain-name parameter is the name of the domain to join the Linux machine to.

To verify that a Centrify-joined Linux machine is on the domain:. Verify that the Joined to domain value is valid and the CentrifyDC mode returns connected. If the mode remains stuck in the starting state, then the Centrify client is experiencing server connection or authentication problems.

You can use adcli , realmd , or Samba instead. This section only provides information for adcli and Samba. The user is a domain user with permissions to add machines to the domain. The hostname-fqdn is the host name in FQDN format for the machine. For a Ubuntu Your domain controller must be reachable and you must have a Windows account with permissions to add computers to the domain.

By default, the install process in Ubuntu configures nsswitch. For information about the configuration settings, see the man pages for sssd. Run the following commands to start the SSSD daemon now and to enable the daemon to start upon machine startup:. Run the following command and make sure that the SSS authentication and Create home directory on login options are selected:.

If you use adcli to verify domain membership, run the sudo adcli info domain-dns-name command to show the domain information. If you use Samba to verify domain membership, run the sudo net ads testjoin command to verify that the machine is joined to a domain and the sudo net ads info command to verify extra domain and computer object information. SSSD does not provide a command-line tool for testing authentication directly with the daemon, and can only be done via PAM.

Verify that the Kerberos tickets returned by the klist command are correct for that user and have not expired. As a root user, verify that a corresponding ticket cache file was created for the uid returned by the previous id -u command:. The user is a domain user who has permissions to add computers to the Active Directory domain. If the machine is joined to a domain, this command returns the information about the currently joined AD domain and OU.

Otherwise, only the host name appears. Before installing the Linux VDA, install. NET Runtime 6. After installing. Based on the command output, set the. NET runtime binary path. NET binary path. Go to the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops download page. You can upgrade an existing installation from the previous two versions and from an LTSR release. Before you conduct an upgrade, make sure to back up the files.

After installing the package, you must configure the Linux VDA by running the ctxsetup. Before making any changes, the script verifies the environment and ensures that all dependencies are installed. If necessary, you can rerun the script at any time to change settings.

You can run the script manually with prompting, or automatically with preconfigured responses. Review Help about the script before proceeding:. For an automated install, the options required by the setup script can be provided with environment variables. If all required variables are present, the script does not prompt the user for any information, allowing for a scripted installation process. You can also change the desktop environment for a target session user by completing the following steps:.

Create an. Edit the. Share the file permission with the target session user. When running the sudo command, type the -E option to pass the existing environment variables to the new shell it creates. We recommend that you create a shell script file from the preceding commands with!

In some scenarios, you might have to remove the configuration changes made by the ctxsetup. This script deletes all configuration data from the database and renders the Linux VDA inoperable. The ctxsetup. The information in this section does not cover the removal of dependent packages including PostgreSQL. For more information, see XDPing. Once you have configured the Linux VDA using the ctxsetup. Before you stop the ctxvda and ctxhdx services, run the service ctxmonitorservice stop command to stop the monitor service daemon.

Otherwise, the monitor service daemon restarts the services you stopped. For a more detailed description of how to complete these tasks, see Create machine catalogs and Manage machine catalogs. For creating machine catalogs that contain Linux VDA machines, there are a few restrictions that differentiate the process from creating machine catalogs for Windows VDA machines:.

If you remove and rejoin a machine to the Active Directory domain, you must remove and add the machine to the machine catalog again. For a more detailed description of how to complete these tasks, see Create Delivery Groups. For creating delivery groups that contain Linux VDA machine catalogs, the following restrictions apply:.

For information about how to create machine catalogs and delivery groups, see Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 The development, release and timing of any features or functionality described in the Preview documentation remains at our sole discretion and are subject to change without notice or consultation. The documentation is for informational purposes only and is not a commitment, promise or legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality and should not be relied upon in making Citrix product purchase decisions.

Linux Virtual Delivery Agent. View PDF. Sign in to follow this Followers 0. Paresh Patel 0. Paresh Patel 0 Members 1 post. Posted February 9, Dear Sir, I have been installed Citrix Xenserver 7. I have been successfully done Windows VDI. Please find attached screenshot for your reference,. Try to provide the solution for this Linux VDI. Thanks, Paresh. Share this post Link to post. Recommended Posts. Mark this reply as best answer, if it answered your question.

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