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Fortinet setup

fortinet setup

Optionally, enable DHCP Server and configure as needed. In Network and Sharing Center, select Change Adapter Settings. Open the Local Area Connection (Ethernet or WiFi) and select Properties. Go to Network > Interfaces. Select an interface and click Edit. WHY CANT MY FRIEND CONNECT WITH FILEZILLA OUTSIDE MY NETWORK

Although you can use hubs, Fortinet recommends using switches for all cluster connections for the best performance. Connecting an HA cluster to your network temporarily interrupts communications on the network because new physical connections are being made to route traffic through the cluster. Also, starting the cluster interrupts network traffic until the individual cluster units are functioning and the cluster completes negotiation. Cluster negotiation is automatic and normally takes just a few seconds.

During system startup and negotiation all network traffic is dropped. This section describes how to connect the cluster shown below, which consists of two FortiGateD units to be connected between the internet and a head office internal network. The wan1 interfaces of the FortiGate connect the cluster to the internet and the internal interfaces connect the cluster to the internal network. The ha1 and ha2 interfaces are used for redundant HA heartbeat links.

As the cluster units start, they negotiate to choose the primary unit and the subordinate unit. This negotiation occurs with no user intervention and normally just takes a few seconds. You could use one switch to connect all four heartbeat interfaces. However, this is not recommended because if the switch fails both heartbeat interfaces will become disconnected.

The HA Status dashboard widget shows the mode and group names of the cluster, the status of the cluster units and their host names, the cluster uptime and the last time the cluster state changed. A state change can indicate the cluster first forming or one of the cluster units changing its role in the cluster. The HA Status Dashboard widget also shows if the cluster units are synchronized.

Mouse over each FortiGate in the cluster to verify that they both have the same checksum. Make sure your FortiGate interfaces are configured with static IP addresses. Log into the GUI. Locate the System Information Dashboard widget. Enter a new Host Name for this FortiGate. Select OK. You may be able to delete the ARP table of your management PC from a command prompt using a command similar to arp -d. Power off the FortiGate. Repeat this procedure for all of the FortiGates in the cluster.

Once all of the units are configured, continue by connecting the FortiGate HA cluster below. Log into the CLI. This is known as a default route, since it would match any IPv4 address. This step is not necessary for the configuration; however, it is necessary in order to keep your FortiGate up to date against the latest threats. Updates are provided to FortiGates that are registered and make a request to the FortiGuard network to verify if there are any more recent definitions.

You also need to ensure the necessary ports are permitted outbound in the event your FortiGate is behind a filtering device. Refer to the Ports and Protocols document for more information. Select an interface and click Edit. Enter an Alias. Click OK. To configure an interface in the CLI: config system interface edit "port2" set ip Enter a name in the Host name field.

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