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Download splashtop win 8 metro testbed

download splashtop win 8 metro testbed

Get the right streamer if you are trying to remotely access Windows 8. Also, don't try and be sneaky and download the Splashtop Remote Desktop. Win8 Metro Testbed - powered by Splashtop is a program developed by Splashtop Inc.. Access and see more information, as well as download and. Splashtop's Win8 Metro Testbed turns an Android tablet into a Windows 8 device with native Metro UI touch gestures for app developers and technology. 1964 THUNDERBIRD HARDTOP

Win8 Metro Testbed for iPad. As you code and debug your Windows 8 Metro App , test it out using an iPad! Now you can get a feel for how your app will behave on a tablet running Windows 8 with touch gestures enabled. A very well-known company called ' Splashtop ' is now offering a prgram which let developers allow experiencing the Windows 8 Metro UI on an iPad. The program will also require a Windows 8 PC to be installing and set up with Splashtop's free streamer software to work properly.

Once you do all procedure let down by Splashtop than you will be able to stream your Windows 8 app wirelessly on your PC so you can use it on an iPad. It does not support the Windows 8 touch gestures, and it gives very wonky performance connecting to a Windows 8 machine. Once Splashtop is installed on the iPad and the streamer is installed on the desktop, you have to configure the streamer.

First, you must create a security code. Within the streamer's interface are some additional configuration options. For example, you can redirect all sound to the iPad and mute sound on the desktop. You can opt to start the streamer automatically when the desktop boots. Advanced settings allow you to change the port number Splashtop uses; by default, the app uses ports and You also setup how you authenticate from the iPad to the desktop in the streamer interface.

You need to enter a Google account. Splashtop uses Google services for authentication. Using a Google account allows you to access the desktop via the Internet, so you have anywhere access to that machine. Some users may not want to use Google for authentication but I didn't find any alternative options. To connect to my desktop, I clicked on the Splashtop icon on the iPad.

I then had to click on settings within the app and tap on the 'Internet Discovery' option. This is when you enter the credentials in for the Google account specified in the streamer interface. I tapped the icon for the desktop to remotely connect. At this point, you have to enter the security code you are first asked to set up in the streamer. I connected in seconds. By Samara Lynn May 16, , p.

Download splashtop win 8 metro testbed cisco router config software

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Download splashtop win 8 metro testbed citrix ssl server configured on the specified address

download splashtop win 8 metro testbed

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