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Confirm that 'Authentication Method' in enabled on both 'Authentication' as well as "Receiver for Web' node in StoreFront. In StoreFront > NetScaler Gateway. Security token. Users log on to Citrix Gateway using passcodes that are derived from tokencodes generated by security tokens combined. Active Directory (AD) plus token. For greater security, Citrix Workspace supports a time-based token as a second factor of authentication to AD. DOWNLOAD ZOOM VIDEO MEETING APP

If the server certificate used on Citrix Gateway is part of a certificate chain with an intermediate certificate , ensure that the intermediate certificates are also installed correctly on Citrix Gateway. For information about installing certificates, see Citrix Gateway documentation. If client certificate authentication is enabled on Citrix Gateway, users are authenticated based on certain attributes of the client certificate. After authentication is completed successfully, the user name and domain are extracted from the certificate and any policies specified for that user are applied.

Logons to the store are valid for about one hour. After that time, users must log on again to refresh or launch other applications. Your users should only need to do this once, after they have successfully authenticated to the RSA server. After your users verify their PINs, they are are also authenticated with the StoreFront server, and it presents available, published applications and desktops.

After the soft token is imported, Citrix Workspace app for iOS opens automatically. If your organization provided a password to complete the import, enter the password provided to you by your organization and click OK. After clicking OK , you will see a message that the token was successfully imported. On the Log On screen, enter your credentials: user name, password, and domain. For the Pin field, enter , unless your organization has provided you with a different default PIN.

At the top left, click Log On. You are then prompted to verify your new PIN. After clicking OK, you will be able to access your apps and desktops. With this feature enabled, if a user enters three by default incorrect passwords, the Citrix Gateway plug-in prompts the user to wait until the next token is active before logging on.

When connecting to a Store that allows derived credentials, users can log on to Citrix Workspace app for iOS using a virtual smart card. This feature is supported only on on-premises deployments. You can import up to three certificates for your virtual smart card. The authentication certificate is required for the virtual smart card to work properly. The encryption certificate and digital signature certificate can be added for use inside of a VDA session.

When connecting to an HDX session, the created virtual smart card is redirected into the session. Multifactor authentication enhances the security of an application by requiring users to provide multiple proofs of identify to gain access.

Multifactor authentication makes authentication steps and the associated credential collection forms configurable by the administrator. Native Citrix Workspace app can support this protocol by building on the Forms logon support already implemented for StoreFront.

The web logon page for Citrix Gateway and Traffic Manager virtual servers also consumes this protocol. We now support certificate-based authentication on Citrix Workspace app when configured through nFactor Advanced authentication policies on Citrix Gateway. The development, release and timing of any features or functionality described in the Preview documentation remains at our sole discretion and are subject to change without notice or consultation.

The documentation is for informational purposes only and is not a commitment, promise or legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality and should not be relied upon in making Citrix product purchase decisions. Citrix Workspace app for iOS. View PDF. Extend Citrix Cloud service subscriptions. System and connectivity requirements. Connect to Citrix Cloud. Citrix Cloud Connector. Citrix Cloud Connector Technical Details. Cloud Connector Proxy and Firewall Configuration.

Cloud Connector Installation. Log Collection. Connector Appliance for Cloud Services. Active Directory with Connector Appliance. Secure Workspace Access with Connector Appliance. Connector updates. Identity and access management. Connect an on-premises Citrix Gateway as an identity provider to Citrix Cloud. Connect Okta as an identity provider to Citrix Cloud. Select a primary resource location. Licensing for enterprise customers.

Endpoint Management. Secure Workspace Access. Virtual Apps and Desktops Concurrent. Virtual Apps and Desktops Standard for Azure. Citrix Managed Azure consumption monitoring. Licensing for on-premises deployments. Register on-premises products. Licensing for Citrix Service Providers.

Get started. Manage product usage, license servers, and notifications. Cloud service license usage and reporting for Citrix Service Providers. Customer license and usage for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service. Manage Citrix Cloud. Manage Citrix Cloud administrators. Add Azure AD administrator groups. Assign users and groups to service offerings using Library.

System Log. System Log Events Reference. Citrix Cloud platform events. Connector events. Licensing events. Secure Private Access events. Workspace events. Citrix Workspace. Citrix Cloud for Partners. Citrix Cloud Services. Advanced Concepts. Scale and size considerations for Cloud Connectors.

Scale and size considerations for Local Host Cache. Document History.

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The serviceroot-hint in the challenge provides the client with the root of the protection space for the current request. This enables a better caching strategy in the client, if the initial request is not to the root of the protection space.

The client uses the information in the challenge to obtain an appropriate security token for the Service Provider, and then resends the original request with an attached Authorization header, as follows:. When a client receives a CitrixAuth challenge, it must respond by sending a Request Security Token message to the location specified in the challenge. Consider the following example. Skip to content. Was this article helpful? Provide Feedback. The unique identifier of the consuming service. With the hostname of the service being accessed it defines a Protection Space as per RFC section 1.

This is a string that shall be passed by the client to the server when requesting a token for a specific service. The server can use this value to determine the token format to use. It gets stranger when I try to login via Receiver on my Android phone. Adding the address of the netscaler server worked without a problem. When I try to login now, a pop-up comes up with the request for my password and below is my AD-account. If I enter the RSA pin and the sms token, the cycle spins and I got an error message "could not log in, try again".

I also checked the saved account and there is written "savings disabled" where the password should be. Thank you for being there. Resolved my receiver issue with your suggestion. You will be able to leave a comment after signing in. Welcome to the Citrix Discussions.

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Posted July 8, Seeing this as well, NS Second logon doesn't request token so can't connect. Addendum: 2Factor works in Android on second login.

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