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Parago is the only asset management software developed with trusts, districts & schools. Providing school maintenance systems & asset tracking since Paragon Investing specializes in providing institutional-caliber investment advice and access to alternative and private investments. A Richmond, VA based financial planning and investment firm, Paragon Financial Services empowers you to live richly through a panoramic advice process. WORDPRESS GOOGLE CLUD FILEZILLA SSH

Create and manage a sustainable asset inventory for every facility or structure managed by your organization in which past, present and recommended future management actions can be planned and tracked. Assess the condition of your current campus, building, system, or facility component condition and calculate engineered management system-based concepts like estimated remaining service life.

Store digital documents and images within Paragon for individual buildings with each asset. Photos document the observed condition of assets and deficiencies. Cost Analysis. Analyze maintenance, repair and renovation funding categories. By means of user defined fields and drop-down lists, users have the ability to configure data in a manner that supports organizational unique business needs.

Users can also identify the rate of investment required to maintain components by analyzing a variety of capital investments and maintenance scenarios. Project Management. View the condition of multiple assets on a single screen and drill down to determine what issues need to be addressed.

Identify and categorize system component level maintenance, repair and renovation work requirements. Manage project development of maintenance, repair and renovation work and prioritize for capital project planning and execution. Standards Compliance. Create and manage annual inspection programs tailored to the unique mission, system criticality and condition attributes of every system component in the entire asset portfolio.

Paragon assists you in meeting compliance goals including:. Multi-Level Reporting. Paragon provides thorough and customizable reports so that you can make appropriate decisions for your organization. Report on asset conditions, costs, compliance status, inconsistencies in data, projects and more.

Our advocates are controllers, treasurers, wealth managers and CFOs, all benefiting from our reporting, audit and regulatory expertise. Capture trades as they are executed from any source. Paragon automates the import of trades directly from multiple OMS platforms or via a manual trade capture screen. With more than preconfigured reports, Paragon enables users to customize standard report outputs to comply with your business requirements and meet the needs of different divisions within the bank.

Paragon is a modular, end-to-end, robust fixed income portfolio accounting solution that processes bonds and money market instruments based on three primary business functions: trade capture, processing, and reporting. Paragon has standard modules to support core business requirements with optional modules to assist banks with specialized processes.

This diagram summarizes the flow of trade records through the system and modules. Overview of US asset classes. Paragon supports a substantial list of sub-asset types associated with these asset classes:. Introduce effective process automation and reduce risks and costs. Connect business processes to remove manual intervention, introduce effective operational practices allowing users to focus on what is most important.

Benefit from comprehensive, exceptions only, unattended processing — managing high volumes and complex instruments with ease. Our automated processes expedite the close of accounting periods, knowing all accounts are reconciled. Regulatory extracts and reporting — high flexibility reporting features and reporting content choices to respond quickly to regulatory reporting requirements, and market changes.

Create your own reports to meet specific reporting needs. Connect to your OMS of choice for trade delivery, as well as a data provider to support accounting data requirements such as pricing and factors information.

Deliver data output to downstream systems such as general ledger platforms that complete processing chains. Be confident in meeting processing and regulatory obligations along with client specific needs — demonstrating compliance with processes and audit trails assessed by governance divisions and regulators. The fixed income accounting industry is often challenged with different methodologies. The Paragon Team of experts are here to help guide and provide best practice advice.

Not all banks are the same. Paragon provides client-specific configuration to meet pre-established business processes, offering optional modules only if they are needed to suit your business model. End-to-end accounting processes address complex requirement associated with how you run your operations. Meet your deadlines and enable your business to grow.

From small local banks to tier one institutions, we have the processing power to support extensive portfolio processing and calculation performance no matter how high the volumes. Bank mergers and acquisitions are a regular occurrence and combining position records onto a single platform can be daunting. Accelerate merger processes, without concerns regarding position volumes or payload, because Paragon handles processing and calculation volumes without missing a beat.

The days of lengthy projects with long drawn-out product and user configuration for your business and IT teams — even before you get to detailed UAT activities — must be put behind us. Paragon is a working product not a toolkit; built on a standard model principle, with all modules available to our entire client base, simply controlled by licence agreements. This enables fast implementation times and predictable implementation costs.

Paragon can be installed on physical servers on a local client network or deployed on virtual machines provided on private cloud facilities from third-party service providers. Paragon also provides an easy upgrade path and highly experienced support staff. New versions with additional functionality are available regularly for all licensed customers. Deployment to UAT takes days rather than the weeks and months that are often required of other applications.

We recognize that our clients need choices when considering system deployment. Install Paragon locally on their internal servers within existing network infrastructure. Opt for our hosted cloud services. This is a managed client installation in a client-specific environment, where we monitor, service and manage the infrastructure.

Paragon is also built to interface with a multitude of internal and external systems making for easy deployment. Paragon Information. Paragon News. Paragon Enquiries.

Parago software provides a range of software products for schools, trusts and districts worldwide.

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Slack download on windows 10 At these terms, many private investments are still restricted to clients working with a manager-approved Investment Advisor, such as Paragon. Multi-Level Reporting. Your financial advisor will ask questions to understand your risk tolerance, objectives, constraints, and target time frame, then assess your paragon investment management software portfolio, recommend preferred funds, and discuss how best to optimize your investment portfolio to achieve your financial goals. Paragon provides thorough and customizable reports so that you can make appropriate decisions for your organization. Too busy to adequately monitor and manage your portfolio? Paragon Investing Annual Fees. By means of user defined fields and drop-down lists, users have the ability to configure data in a manner that supports organizational unique business needs.
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Citrix webex meeting Find Out More Get in touch for more information on how Paragon might be beneficial to your organization and your facilities. Our Risk Management and assessment software provides schools with a central hub to manage risk assessments and forms with customisable matrices. Now, all Paragon clients can invest in Private Debt via interval funds, with quarterly liquidity and no minimum investment. Store digital documents and images within Paragon for individual buildings with each asset. Regulatory reporting.
Best home workbench We want to help change the way you view your money, and find real joy in assuming financial confidence. Paragon serves as the single book of record, consolidating data and providing access to relevant information to facilitate informed investment decisions. Developed in conjunction with our schools, trusts and districts. Invest in restricted institutional-caliber funds, including private debt investments, that have historically provided an annualized return of 9. Form ADV and Supplement. One to One Assignment.
Paragon investment management software Introduce effective process automation and reduce risks and costs. Just want to talk to someone? Regulatory reporting. Paragon provides comprehensive, exceptions only, unattended processing — able to manage high volumes and complex instruments. We approach everything we do with the utmost integrity, but we also like to enjoy our work and serve with authenticity. Latest Articles.
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Custom data cuts related to the Portfolio and Investment Management software market are available:. Login User Name. Toggle navigation. Top Portfolio and Investment Management Software Apps, Market Size and Forecast Since , our global team of researchers has been studying the patterns of the Portfolio and Investment Management software purchases by customers around the world, aggregating massive amounts of data points that form the basis of our Portfolio and Investment Management software market size and forecast assumptions and perhaps the rise and fall of certain Portfolio and Investment Management vendors.

Custom data cuts related to the Portfolio and Investment Management software market are available: Top 10 Portfolio and Investment Management software vendors, market share and forecast Portfolio and Investment Management software market by revenue Type on-prem vs cloud Portfolio and Investment Management software market by customer size no.

Show 10 25 50 entries. Previous 1 2 3 4 Next. Close Submit. The Citco Group. The Tool is built upon fundamental global frameworks and delivers a robust impact grading methodology that is powerfully aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals SDGs and other relevant ESG principles. Our vision is to catalyse a world that is guided by expert impact data and supported by frontier cloud-based intelligence to enable verifiable impact on people and planet, alongside financial returns.

It is a uniquely designed data-driven approach, supported by a bespoke Google Cloud Platform GCP online software, that delivers a novel digital solution to intelligently measure, manage and report on organisational impact performance. The tool is updated regularly to reflect developments and updates implemented by the following institutional bodies where relevant:.

The extent to which the impact is being experienced at the assigned Scale; taking direct vs indirect impacts into consideration. A measure of the lifespan of the impact to be experienced at the assigned scale. The likelihood of the impact occurring at the assigned Scale, Duration and Magnitude; taking volatility, risk and governance factors into consideration. Each grading assessment first completes a strategic four-tier materiality weighting process across all SDGs, which identifies the relative importance of the SDGs from those that are Core to the organisation to those that are Negligible.

All of these findings are supported by an integrated dashboard and reporting outputs, summarising the Core and Comprehensive Gradings as well as critically highlighting potential risks factors and long-term monitoring needs. The Tool is designed to transition ESG reporting from a siloed approach that is predominantly based on retrospective performance results, to a model that not only complies with key reporting protocols, but also assesses impact across all ESG pillars and SDGs.

Furthermore, the Tool summarises key sustainability indicators and metrics to be integrated into business operations and monitored over time, which, alongside financial and operational performance, facilitate a proactive engagement with impact investors who are increasingly focused on this area. The Tool provides detailed results of these instruments and their compliance to repayment criteria and other defined impact outcomes over the investment period.

Brett is an award-winning sustainability expert and ESG reporting professional. Brett holds a Bachelor of Science Honours in ecological and conservation scie…. Philip is an experienced investment professional, with his career spanning 27 years in derivatives trading, stockbroking, investment management, wealth manageme….

Derek is a seasoned technologist with over 30 years in the financial markets and the co-founder of Peresys which, prior to acquisition by Australian-based IRESS…. Caroline is a passionate systems ecologist and environmental scientist and sustainability practitioner. She has an M.

Degree in Environmental Science with D…. Nicky has a varied finance and operational background, most recently working with finance and retail companies operating in the Channel Islands and UK. Whilst …. Once approved, assigned team members must complete the onboarding programme and further training, as required, to ensure that our partners have the necessary skills and expertise to apply the methodology and comply with updated protocols.

Dedicated to the future of the million young people who live in Africa: their economic prospects, and their health, education, psychological resilience and social cohesion. Helping businesses unlock their full potential to grow and thrive in their response to change. In doing so, they bring their purpose to grow people, grow business, and grow Africa to life.

Catalysing profitable impact and ESG investments that deliver measurable returns on social and natural capital. Brett holds a Bachelor of Science Honours in ecological and conservation science and has over 15 years of experience in working with large corporates in designing, implementing, and reporting on sustainability and ESG strategies.

Brett is entrepreneurial by nature and has gone on to found one other impact advisory businesses alongside Paragon Impact, that being Impact Capital Africa, an impact and ESG advisory business operating out of Johannesburg, South Africa. Philip is an experienced investment professional, with his career spanning 27 years in derivatives trading, stockbroking, investment management, wealth management, philanthropy and private banking.

Entrepreneurial in nature, he has tended to work with smaller businesses, contributing to their growth and innovation. Part of his journey did include working as an executive for the largest African bank, playing an intrapreneurial role, building their UHNW proposition. With a passion for sustainability, he has over the last decade increasingly focused on innovation in the growing philanthropic, esg and impact investment industry.

Philip has a B.

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